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BRANCO'S has a product philosophy that runs throughout our range, consistency of product every time and an adherence to continental manufacturing practises.

What this means is that BRANCO'S uses the exact same prime grade whole cuts of meat in manufacturing and custom blend spices to our exceptional standards. Our spices come as far a field as India, Israel and South America. These are mixed in-house. When eating BRANCO'S sausages, a beef sausage contains only prime grade beef, not beef and mutton, or beef and pork. Most sausage in New Zealand is manufactured using trim (off-cuts). In many smaller operations this means using whatever is available on the day.

Our sausages are also different in that they are distinct from each other not only because of flavour difference, but also because of texture. Some of our sausages have a fairly course, loose texture and some are a finer, more densely packed consistency as per the origins of the sausage.

At no point should you have to look at the product label to discern what you are eating, the flavour should be clear. Beef should taste like beef, pork, like pork etc. The quality of meat used in BRANCO'S sausages means that one can think of it as ‘steak in a sausage'.